Surrealism in creative work of Boris Dubrov. Being a worthy continuator of surrealistic painting school achievements, the master has managed to find his unique artistically picturesque language, the one he communicates with his audience. This is a language of feelings which is at the same time simple and complicated, innovative and traditional.

The artist proposes to the audience to outside the scope of reality perception, developing his ability not only to look but to SEE THROUGH. Wide. Deep. Far.

Dubrov`s paintings live their special world, unprotected and fragile. His works are airy, lightly and frequently unreal. Making stress not on the image object but the spatial milieu, Boris as if balances on the verge of material and insubstantial: quite tangible shapes of naked women appear for instant and dissolve on the picture like mirage.

Creativeness of the artist Dubrov is wide and many-sided. You can find here Judaik originality, severe classicism as well as surrealism, covering the element of erotic in landscape. His painting mastery is equally and brilliantly developed in all genres. That`s why it`s difficult to determine what exactly a visiting card of the master is.

Boris avoids unambiguity and concreteness in his works. He doesn`t impose his author`s conception on the audience. The true sense of the painting remains mysterious and hidden. There is no answer on the question what the master wants to express. That what is painted on the picture has a great number of meanings, levels of perception. And in all this there is some special affinity and worth of the master works.

Every new creation invariably attracts the attention of its unusual subject interpretation, original painting language, extravagance artist style combining in it something alternative and peculiar.

The painting work of Boris Dubrov does attract audience interest and the reason of this success is a high professionalism and basic culture of the Master.

On this site you can find many of Dubrov`s works. Just open the page… in the home site menu. Make yourself comfortable, watch and enjoy…


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